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Nine year old US reporter claims she’s serious in her work

Hilde Kate Lysiak, the publisher of Orange Street News definetely is not an ordinary nine year old. Small Hilde went viral after releasing the story of murder in town of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania that occurred on April,2. What actually happened and what took global attention is the response of residensts of Hilde's town which had been completely upset after realizing that girl was reporting on serious crime ...

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Ukraine risks polio spreading as it delays licensing new vaccine

World Health Organisation (WHO) warns of possibility of spreading polio during next month in Ukraine as the country delays licensing a new vaccine. Ukraine with refusal of supplying could be the only country in the world without protection. Because of global polio eradication, led by WHO, a worldwide switch from trivalent oral polio vaccines to the bivalent ones is suppossed to happen next month. That means ...

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Early 8 March protests in Istanbul and Warsaw

Police in Istanbul, Kadıköy district, forcibly broke up a rally of hundreds of women as they marked International Women’s Day two days early. The demonstration occurred in early Sunday afternoon when at least one person was detained as the result of a scuffle with police. The Police were seen firing rubber bullets at protestors. March 8 is the official day in Turkey but meetings and these types of bigger de ...

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World Wildlife Day

The theme for  World Wildlife Day in 2016 is “The future of wildlife is in our hands”, with African and Asian elephants being the main focus of global campaigns.   World Wildlife Day, 3rd March presents the great opportunity to celebrate existence of many beautiful and varied species of flora and fauna and to raise awareness about wild crime that unfortunately spread out throughout the past few decades ...

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Ebola survivor blood forshadows treatment

The blood of a single man who survived an Ebola infection two decades ago forshadows treatment to the disease, American researchers said Thursday.                                                                                                                         The work to the study of ebola treatment is in progress and is being carried by the reseachers founded by the United States government. The res ...

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Marmara Medya Merkezi; AA, İHA ve Reuters ile haber paylaşımı konusunda işbirliği içerisindedir. Yayınlanan haber ve görseller izinsiz kullanılamaz.

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